Debunk Kitchen Reno Myths with Kitchen Remodeling Naperville IL

The kitchen is one of the home’s most used and visited areas. Still, many homeowners tend to put off making any changes in their kitchens because of many misconceptions. Not only do these misunderstandings lead to an inefficient kitchen, but they could also cause danger. In this article, Kitchen Remodeling Naperville debunks kitchen renovation and remodeling myths:

  • Myth 1: Making kitchen upgrades are expensive.

    Most homeowners think that updating your kitchen requires spending 5% to 10% of their home’s value. This is false. Remodeling can be done in varying degrees, and homeowners have complete control of their projects. If a homeowner only wishes to update the lighting in their kitchen, they can just have that. They do not have to spend on new flooring materials, cabinets, or countertops if they do not want to.

    When we at Kitchen Remodeling Naperville IL work with our clients, we first listen to their needs and goals. Then we work from there. When our client mentions their budget, we provide the best possible options that work within the range of their budget.

  • Myth 2: Updating the kitchen is a DIY job.

    There are thousands of online resources that provide tips and tutorials to update the look and functionality of kitchens. We trust that homeowners understand which projects require the work of professionals, which ones do not, and the consequences of not getting expert help. An excellent example of a kitchen update that does not necessarily require the assistance of an expert is decorating backsplashes with peel-and-stick decals. Our experts Kitchen Remodel Naperville think that this is a fun and affordable way of elevating the look of the kitchen. However, if the project requires careful designing and handling kitchen elements, we do not recommend going the DIY route. Examples of these projects are changing their kitchen’s layout or replacing cabinets or countertops. Basically, any project that requires demolition should be handled by pros.

    As experienced remodelers, we have the proper skills, training, knowledge, and equipment to ensure that the projects are done safely, efficiently, and according to state standards. We always plan carefully with our clients since we are committed to providing 100% satisfaction. And in case of any untoward accidents, our staff are licensed, insured, and bonded.

  • Myth 3: A remodeled kitchen keeps up with trends.

    Kitchens should be designed and decorated Kitchen Design Naperville according to what the client wants or needs. Trends come and go. What is trendy now will be outdated in the future. Therefore, homeowners should concentrate on their future needs, not what is “hot” right now, when designing and decorating their kitchens.

    Clients remodeling their kitchen to resell their homes at a higher value can ask our design consultants' professional advice on trending kitchen designs and elements. Clients who intend to stay long-term in their residence can also refer to us for recommendations. Still, the final decision is theirs to make, and we respect that.

  • Myth 4: A bigger kitchen is a better kitchen.

    Bigger kitchens do not promise more productivity or improved efficiency. In fact, small kitchens may have the upper hand since everything is virtually easier to reach. When it comes to functionality, the floor plan is key.

    Every home is unique. That is why we approach each project on a case-to-case basis. If our clients are already satisfied with the size of their kitchen, that is something we celebrate with them. If our clients wish to have more space, we provide them with layout options based on their lifestyle.

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